Healing After the Storm

Peace and Blessings,

I know, it has been a while. I’m working on making a conscious effort to post at least once a week. Consider this my first post under that new contract. Life has been something else these past 6 months, hasn’t it? Who would’ve imagined the world as we knew it would change forever in the matter of months? How quickly (and in some ways, permanently) life has changed is a testament to the fragility and brevity of our existence. If there ever was a time to re-evaluate one’s life, now is the time. Carpe diem! So, what am I doing to get my life right? Well, I’m refocusing my intentions in my relationship with The One who created me, and exploring new possibilities professionally. More on those in another (weekly post).

This week, I want to talk about something that we don’t hear enough about from an Islamic perspective: healing after the storm.

We were never promised cotton candy and rainbows. Our Lord promised us hardships, tests of our faith. Sometimes those tests are small. Other times, they seem like hurricanes that come in and destroy everything. But each test is for us. What do I mean by that? Each test we face in life is customized. My hardship is different from the next sister’s. This doesn’t make it any easier, or harder. Just, different. The Creator knows what each one of us can handle. He will never burden us with more than we can bare. Hardships are spiritually cleansing for the believer. Although we make think on the contrary. So, you had a big storm come in and and wreck it all. What do you do now? You fall to your face and thank Him for seeing you through. Next, you must reflect internally. Don’t rush into connecting with others just yet. That will only distract you. If true healing is what you are seeking, you must go inward. Use the Book of Allah as your crutch and take your time. If family and friends are supportive, that’s wonderful. Just know that they can’t heal you. They can only be there to support. Additionally, don’t focus on the road ahead. Think about how far you’ve come. No matter what you may feel, you are still standing! Be thankful for that, and don’t shy away from it. Once you have thanked your Lord, and undergone deep inner reflection, now you must strengthen the ties with those who have been there for you. Then, realize the pain is in the past and you must strive to move forward each and everyday. You may take a few steps backward during this journey, but keep going. Seek out positivism and use your experiences to help others. Whatever your passions are, you’d be surprised how you can turn them into a force for good (which is something the world needs more of). Always remember, there is an inherent strength with being a believer. Particularly a believing woman. You have something that millions upon millions are searching high and low for each day: the Truth, and the understanding of the purpose of life. In your weakest moment you are strong.

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